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- To have a supply of fresh eggs

-  Pest & weed control

- A supply of nitrogen-rich manure – great for your garden!

- For fresh meat


The ideal chicken coop protects chickens from rain, wind, and temperature extremes. The basic requirement for a poultry yard is a good fence to keep predators such as foxes and sometimes including family pets from getting in. There should be perches adequately spaced and arranged so that the chickens can perch comfortably in the coop.

Chickens do better when they roost at night up off the ground. And they're happier, also. It is the natural way for a bird to sleep. It helps prevent external parasites and keeps them from lying in their own droppings. You also don't want them to start sleeping in the nest boxes - these are for egg laying. Some kind of litter such as straw or wood shavings should be spread underneath the perches and needs to be changed when it becomes wet or soiled.

TIP: A mixture of straw and chicken manure is ideal for garden compost.

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