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Feb 13 , 2017

We all know the value of pets in our lives, the way a walk or a pat or a look from our best friend can brighten our day. But many of us might not appreciate the significance of animals to those people who may have extra challenges of disability or illness.

For many years seeing eye dogs have guided people who are blind or vision impaired, and in more recent times various breeds of dogs are assisting in areas such as epilepsy, autism and hearing loss. Other pets, like cats and birds, continue to provide a range of support mechanisms for men, women and children of all ages.

Ginamarie is someone who says life would be much harder and less fun without her seeing eye dog, Gypsy. ‘Gypsy my guide dog brings my life into a world of greater freedom, independence and sweet sharing of experiences as well as being a joyful playful friend at home. He fills my home with a sense of family and brightens each and every day. I am deeply grateful to have Gypsy in my life.’ Gypsy is also a big fan of rawhide treats and munches on Advance.

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At Pet Horse and Farm we also value the contribution animals and pets make to our lives and we’re happy to be proud sponsors of Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria which this year celebrates its Ruby Jubliee. Congratulations to all involved in this great organisation and good luck to the tennis players for their first ever international blind tennis tournament.

Here’s a link to the website and fundraising page if you’d like to donate.


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