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Oct 25 , 2016

We have some great news! The full range of Ivory Coat Companion Goods is now available via our website, meaning you can have this wonderful, Australian produced and developed product delivered right to your door.

We highly recommend Ivory Coat as a grain free option and to make the change easier we are currently offering $10 OFF large bags, and $5 OFF medium bags. We buy all sorts of ingredients from all over Australia and we are very happy to support a company that recognises the importance of farmers in our lives!

The grain free option is very appealing for dog owners and the Ivory Coat range uses only the highest quality Australian-sourced ingredients, is hypoallergenic grain free and is packed full of wholesome ingredients including a high concentration of quality animal protein for lean muscle maintenance. It does not contain wheat, corn, rice, soy, meat by-products or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Shop the range here.

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