OzHemp Hemparade 140L

by OzHemp


Hemparade® is made from the woody core of 100% naturally grown hemp with no insecticides or pesticides used in the cultivation.

Suitable for all hoofed animals, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, poultry and bird.


Hemparade® is softer and more comfortable than other bedding materials, so horses are more likely to lay down and achieve full sleep cycles. 

The high thermal rating of hemp will keep the horses warmer while they sleep, reducing the potential for colds. Hemparade® contains far less dust than hay or straw so it is better for the respiratory systems of the animals and their owners. Hemparade® is also less prone to harbouring mould and fungus due to its natural anti-bacterial properties. The open structure and pores of the hemp hurd ensures excellent ventilation, putting an end to unpleasant smells caused by rotting and fermenting bedding.

The most important thing about hemp bedding is to disturb the bed as little as possible, remove droppings regularly, wet patches occasionally and topping up as required. Unlike other bedding materials, the horse stalls do not have to be cleaned out entirely when using Hemparade®, resulting in savings from the cost of labour and materials in setting up the stall again.

Hemparade® is ideal for horse hooves as it forms a springy, insulating bedding and its structure prevents it from clogging hooves. The acidification of other stable beddings such as wood shavings regularly leads to hoof damage. Farriers rarely come across incidents of hoof rot or other problems where hemp bedding is used. Hemparade® is the recommended choice by veterinarians.

Further advantages to the stable when using Hemparade® includes less storage space required and a smaller quantity of stable waste. In the space of just two to three months, Hemparade® can transform your dung heap into valuable organic garden compost as it is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Hemparade® is unpalatable to virtually all horses, but if the bedding is seen to be eaten, sprinkle it with a weak solution of eucalyptus extract to discourage the habit. A horse that is eating its bedding usually indicates other problems such as a deficiency in their diet or boredom.
In these cases, please consult a veterinarian.

Also available: BioBase®, a similar product to Hemparade® but treated with eucalyptus oil.

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