Kelato MuscleGUARD 32g

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MuscleGUARD is an oral paste which provides key nutrients that have a role in protecting muscles and sustaining their function during strenuous exercise and in preventing muscle soreness and fatigue during and after an event.

How does it work?

Low intensity exercise:

– Uses oxygen to fuel the energy production process.

– Glycogen conversion to energy is minimal, however of required Carnitine in MuscleGUARD helps the glycogen reservoir sustain for a longer period.

– The wastes produced are combated by the antioxidants in MuscleGUARD

High intensity exercise – sprint:

– Not enough oxygen is inhaled to be used as the fuel so other energy sources are used to power muscles.

– High carnitine amounts in muscles prior to exercise (loading) enables higher work output for less energy expenditure.

– Oral carnitine ingestion (say from MuscleGUARD) can load the muscles with glycogenA large enough reservoir of Carnitine in the muscles ensures all energy sources such as fatty acids are used BEFORE glycogen stores are used.

– The delay in glycogen depletion delays lactic acid (and pain) taking over