KA Cleans & Flushes


KA Cleans & Flushes

Effective diuretic and kidney antiseptic

Effective diuretic and kidney antiseptic for horses and greyhounds

  • A mild diuretic and antiseptic that helps clean and protect the kidneys and urinary tract from infection
  • Simple indications of when KA CLEANS & FLUSHES may be used include smelly urine, thick urine or orange/darkish urine, or cloudy urine.
  • Acts to “flush” the body of harmful compounds accumulated during exercise
  • Acts by effectively cleansing the urinary tract to reduce the risk of low-grade bladder infection ‘cystitis’
  • Assists in promoting the action of the kidney, helping to increase urinary flow to eliminate problems such as ‘oedema’ of the lower limbs

Active constituents: Each 15g dose contains: POTASSIUM NITRATE 2.94 g MAGNESIUM SULPHATE 2.94 g COLOPHONY (RESIN POWDER) 2.94 g HEXAMINE 0.27 g

A time-honoured mild diuretic and urinary antiseptic that assists the blood clearing action of kidneys by increasing the volume and flow of urine, and acts to flush the body of harmful compounds accumulated during exercise. As an antiseptic, it acts by effectively cleansing of the urinary tract to reduce the risk of low grade bladder infection cystitis. Thus, K.A. CLEANS and FLUSHES assists in promoting the action of the kidney, helping to increase urinary flow to eliminate problems such as oedema of the lower limbs, which often occurs in horses on high grain diets after hard work or racing.

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