CEN Lupin Pellet 20kg



THE CEN Lupin Pellet provides your horse with an additional calorie source to help maintain condition and provide cool energy for horses in training. Developed for all horse disciplines from pleasure to elite equine athletes and made by 100% RAW Australian ingredients.
When compared to traditional “cool” calorie sources, the CEN Lupin Pellet has a far superior nutrient profile to provide the very best in digestive health and overall health.



Help the digestive environment with 90% hindgut fermentation, the CEN Lupin Pellet is a great alternative to beet pulp, copra, rice bran or soy hulls. Find out here how the CEN Lupin Pellet compares.
The building blocks for growth and development come from quality amino acids. The main ingredient is considered a “super fibre” being low sugar, low starch and high fermentable fibre profile for cool calories and a natural Vitamin B synthesis.
A quality source of amino acids provides the building blocks for growth. Considered a super fibre for its low sugar, low starch and high fermentable fibre profile for cool energy and natural B vitamin production.


The low sugar and low starch profile is the key to a non-heating calorie source.
The high digestible fibre levels are broken down by the horse into volatile fatty acids for energy. Using this as the primary energy source can be beneficial for stamina in performance, but also their temperament and mental health.


The high fibre lupin pellet maintains a healthy gut microbiome , as it is considered a prebiotic to promote the growth of beneficial good bacteria. The result is supporting the growth of beneficial good bacteria for more efficient feed absorption, which has a positive impact on appetite and behaviour.


70% of the immune system is located in the gut of your horse. By providing high digestible fibre sources ensure the health and wellbeing of this environment which can help with the immune system health. The CEN Lupin Pellet is considered as prebiotics that can help inhibit harmful bacteria whilst stimulating the immune system function.


The trace mineral profile helps with hoof health, especially zinc, as this is a key component in the ‘zinc finger proteins’ assembly of keratin, a hoof builder.
Additionally, a healthier gut microbiome produces biotin naturally by the horse in the hind-gut and helps support hoof health.


Compared to other popular fibre feeds which are high in iron, CEN Lupin Pellet is not only lower in iron, but has high levels of key trace minerals Zinc, Copper and Manganese for additional skin and coat support.
The colour of your horse is influenced by trace minerals – zinc for dark colours and copper for chestnuts.


Lysine is the most abundant amino acid in the equine muscle so therefore needs to be supplied in the diet. By providing a quality amino acid profile which the CEN Lupin Pellet contains, this helps muscle health in training and recovery, especially topline development.

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