Pea Straw - a great organic mulch!

Pea Straw - a great organic mulch!

Pea straw is the left over product after the peas have been harvested. Did you know that it's great for your garden and makes for a fantastic mulch?

Peas are an important part of many pets nutrition and to see a use for the natural by-product is very satisfying. Our Pea Straw comes straight from a cropping farm north of Melbourne, via our warehouse and straight to your door, verandah or garage, as the case may be!

There are two main reasons for using pea straw: it is easy to use and inexpensive…we like the sound of that when it comes to gardening! The pea straw can be easily broken up into biscuits and spread like pavers across the garden bed, and then broken up further for those hard to reach places (around the roses!).

Pet Horse & Farm offer a friendly, reliable and FREE* delivery service taking the mess and hassle out of transporting pea straw in your car, let us know where we can leave it. We have introduced the 8 Pack so that if you live in metropolitan Melbourne you can get 8 bales delivered for FREE...SHOP NOW. Your garden can't get enough of pea straw?

Why not set up automatic delivery? Tell us how much and how often, and we'll take care of the rest!


*Delivery is free for orders over $100 to Melbourne