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May 18 , 2017

With winter fast approaching our chicken owners may start to see a drop off in egg production – that is completely normal. However there are a few things you can do to make the coop warm, and comfortable for your chooks.

The first step is to block off any holes in the coop letting in cool air, a normal vent will be fine and serve its purpose but anything else is to be avoided. Secondly the amount of straw or shavings you use for bedding will need to be increased to keep your hens warmer, and given it will likely get damper the bedding will need to be changed more regularly.

Next up you will need to increase the amount you feed you hens, they will be using more energy to keep warm without the sunlight and egg production will start to reduce. Feeding more layer pellets is a good start but we also recommend adding scratch grains such as corn, wheat, lupins and small amounts of sunflower.

It might be cost a little more in feed, bedding and time, but with the right care you will keep your hens laying all through winter. If you ever need help with your chooks, we love them and can guide you through anything to do with your backyard flock, brood or clutch!

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