Kohnke's Own Gastro Coat 20kg


Kohnke's Own Gastro Coat 20kg
Gastro-Coat contains sticky, chewy compounds that encourage horses to salivate properly, increasing saliva buffering even when sweet feeds are eaten.
It also forms a natural barrier to help protect the irritated stomach from continued acid burn, which works for up to 4 hours.
Finally, Gastro-Coat helps regenerate acid damaged areas by providing a source of nucleotides vital for the health of the stomach lining.

How to give Gastro-Coat

In the feed
Gastro-Coat can be given in your horse’s daily feed. This is particularly suited for horses which eat too quickly. Sprinkle the required dosage of Gastro-Coat (1 scoop (15 grams) per 100kg bodyweight) over the top of your horse’s feed.

By Oral Syringe
Horses with reduced appetite benefit from a syringe dose of Gastro-Coat 15 minutes before their meal. This can reduce pain and picky or slow eating. Mix 5 scoops of Gastro-Coat in 50 ml of oil and paste your horse using a large oral syringe. The unique barrier forming component of Gastro-Coat activates in water so it is advised to use an oil slurry for easy dosage.

Pre-exercise meal
Horses with reduced performance, girthiness or reluctance to go forward benefit from a small pre-exercise meal that includes Gastro-Coat. This small snack will not overfill the stomach or slow the horse, but will increase comfort and contentment during training and travelling. Add the required dose of Gastro-Coat to 500 g of crumbled alfalfa cubes and 2 tablespoons of limestone (for extra buffering power). Give this small meal 30 minutes before working or travelling your horse for up to 4 hours of protection from the pain of gastric irritation.

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