Kelato BetaCALM 600g

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BetaCALM is a comprehensive approach to a common issue with 4 proven active ingredients to help soothe and calm your horse.

Tryptophan: An essential amino acid which stabilises the horse’s mood for a less excitable temperament. Tryptophan is not produced naturally by the horse and beneficial levels are not found in feed. It is converted in the body to serotonin, which helps to induce feelings of calmness.
Thiamine: Involved in cellular function within the nervous system. It is well known as a calming ingredient for nervous animals.
Magnesium: Important for cell metabolism, especially in thenervous system and in muscles during work.
Vitamin E: An antioxidant which helps to protect cellmembranes and maintain normal nerve and other functions.

Benefits of BetaCALM :

Effective – Readily calms nervous horses
Balanced – Optimum levels of all key ingredients
Performance – Helps to calm your horse without reducing performance
Safe – Pure vitamin, mineral and amino acid composition
Easy to use – just mix BetaCALM into the feed