Cavalor Muscle Force


Cavalor® Muscle Force offers natural support to accelerate horses’ development of stronger muscles.


Sport horses that are put back to work after a period of rest or lighter exercise, or young horses that are just broken to the saddle and being prepared for an examination often do not have a great deal of muscle power yet. Cavalor® Muscle Force is a 100% natural solution that, when combined with training, will contribute to the development of lasting muscle mass and strength. Cavalor® Muscle Force not only contains essential amino acids necessary for the synthesis of muscle protein, it also features active and inactive yeasts and a special herbal preparation to support muscle cell division. Stimulating the build-up of muscle cells and lessening their breakdown delivers lasting effects.

Mix with the feed, adding 45 g daily for sport horses and 30 g daily for ponies and recreational horses. An optimal result is achieved after 6 weeks. During this period, the muscles will be built up due to the interaction between training and nutrition, creating a relatively quick and lasting effect.

If the horse simply continues with its training programme afterwards, a single 6-week course should be sufficient. In contrast to many muscle supplements that briefly create the illusion of a more muscular horse through fluid retention, Cavalor® Muscle Force helps build muscle tissue, making the horse truly stronger.

1 measuring scoop = 15 g.

Maximum 120 g per horse per day.

Tip: Years of experience have taught us that Cavalor® Muscle Force will not achieve the desired results if the liver is not functioning well. A blood test may be used to check the liver function. We therefore recommend first administering Cavalor® Hepato Liq for 10 days before starting with Cavalor® Muscle Force.

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