pea straw in MelbourneThe unforgiving climate of Australia makes the task of growing a garden a challenge, even for the most seasoned horticulturist. One resource that can help any gardener (and is available to any gardener) is pea straw; an organic mulch, pea straw is easy to apply and reasonably priced in most places. But where do you find pea straw in Melbourne? What would be the top sources, where you get the best quality while expending your time and money efficiently?

Farmers’ Markets 

Left over from a pea harvest, pea straw is collected by pea farmers and converted into small and manageable square bales. What does this mean to you? It means that you can likely find pea straw where you would find a pea farmer - or any kind of farmer, for that matter - at a farmers’ market!

Since farmers’ markets are steadily gaining in popularity, it seems to be getting easier and easier by the day to stumble upon one! Conducting a simple search or just asking a few questions around your neighborhood will likely lead you to the nearest farmers’ market and get you closer to a mother lode of pea straw in Melbourne.

And if you don't find the pea straw you're looking for, keep in mind that there are so many farmers’ markets out there, you're bound to find pea straw if you're persistent in your search.

Pea Farms 

Another viable option if you're for pea straw in Melbourne is perhaps the most obvious one: find a pea farmer. Since pea straw is the residual product of pea harvesting, doesn't it make sense to go to the most direct source possible?

Depending on the scale of the farmers’ operation, you may even be able to receive the pea straw you need at a discount if you are willing and able to collect it yourself.


Of course, in our Information Age, the most efficient way to find out about a product and then find that product is via the Internet. A search engine allows you to fine-tune your search so you can find exactly what you are looking for - and then some.

Go ahead and try it! Type “pea straw in Melbourne” into your favourite search engine; you will be stunned and surprised at how much information comes up in the results. And you will probably be equally surprised at how close the sources of pea straw in Melbourne are to your location! 

One of the best benefits of going online to find pea straw in Melbourne is that you can have your order delivered to wherever you are. Online ordering, in conjunction with the postal service and private carriers, make it quite possible to get your pea straw even in the middle of nowhere (which is the location for quite a few places in Australia!)

The Conclusion

So, what’s the verdict on finding pea straw in Melbourne? Three options have been identified and explored:

  • Farmers’ markets

  • Pea farmers

  • Online

Though there are pros and cons to using each source, most would agree that online ordering may be the most convenient for you the customer. A great place online for you to find your pea straw is, where you can find a wide selection of affordable farm and gardening supplies, delivered directly to your door! We offer free delivery services near our local area!