Birds supplies in MelbourneBirds make fantastic pets. In Melbourne some of the most popular pet birds include numerous parrot species, finches, Cockatoos, and others. However, bird owners do need to take care of their birds properly, and one thing is paramount when buying bird supplies in Melbourne: selecting the best quality improves the quality and extends the length of your bird's life.


Birds need to be fed every single day, and they need to be fed a varied diet that's not just all seed either. Bird owners need to be really careful that their birds have enough to eat because appearances can often be deceiving. Parrots, for example, crack the seeds open and leave the hulls behind in the feeding tray. Many a new bird owner has mistakenly believed that their bird has plenty of eat when in reality they're starving.

From a nutritional perspective as well, seeds are an incomplete food source. Seeds and nuts also contain a lot of fat, and that can be taxing on a bird's liver. Of course birds in the wild do eat seeds, but they also get calcium, protein, and lots of additional minerals and vitamins that they need from bugs, fruits, edible leaves and flowers, and many other sources. One way that you can make sure that your pet bird is getting the nutrition it needs is by feeding them pellets.

Make sure that when you're out buying bird supplies in Melbourne that you're selecting the best quality pellets that are vitamin and mineral rich. There are a lot of pellets on the market. Find out which one is the best for your particular bird.

Of course you can feed your bird "people food" as well, but do keep in mind that many foods are actually extremely toxic for birds. These killer foods include avocados,

Cages, Perches, and Obstacles

You want to have a cage, which gives your bird plenty of space to spread its wings, climb around and frolic. You also want to buy some perches and other obstacles that your bird will enjoy playing with. It's actually pretty entertaining watching your bird play with a new toy you just got it. You're going to want to introduce new obstacles and playthings on a regular basis.

You want to be careful when you're selecting a cage where the bars are not spaced out in such a way that there is no way that the bird can work its head in between them and get it stuck. Also, make sure to place the cage in a part of the house where the temperature doesn't vary too much. There are products available that can regulate the cage's temperature. You want to make sure that the cage is not near doors or windows leading outdoor.

Birds also love hanging out on their perches. Perching is how they exercise and groom their feet, and you want to have various perches in the cage that are made from different materials and come in various diameters.

So if you're buying bird supplies in Melbourne, selecting the best quality products is never a problem when you come to in to the city's best pet store. Visit today!