Pet, Horse & Farm caters for just about anyone who owns or works with animals. 

We have equipment to blend all types of seed and other ingredients and with the guidance of expert veterinary support, we are able to customise rations to suit your individual needs.

As well as feeds we have other products to compliment feeding and care routines.  At Pet, Horse & Farm you can order all you need and have it delivered to your door the next day (Essendon area only).  

For HORSES, we have feed (chaff, oats, hay, bran, specialty mixes), feeders, drinkers, medicines, wormers, supplements, saddlery, electric fencing and fly repellents.

For BIRDS, we have a range of seed mixes, grit, specialty foods, cages, feeders and drinkers, medicines and nesting requirements.

For DOGS, we have a full range premium and economy dry and canned dog foods in small or large quantities, beds, bones, collars, coats, kennels, shampoo, flea treatments, wormers and toys, including toys for puppies.

For CATS, we have foods, wormers, bedding, organic litters, full range of toys and specialty advice from our experienced team members.

For RABBITS AND GUINEA PIGS, we have Pet, Horse & Farm's special premium mixes, drinkers, feeders, grass hay, cages and harnesses.

For PIGS, COWS, SHEEP, EMUS and other FARM LIVESTOCK we supply pellets and rations, quality cleaned and milled grain, supplements as well as hay and chaff.

For THE FARM, we have chemicals, seed, fertilisers, tanks, fencing materials, workwear, boots, garden products, pine posts, water tanks, irrigation products and fittings.