Buying Organic feed for your chooks from Pet, Horse & Farm ensures that your chooks are getting a healthy product that is beneficial for both your chooks and your family, and you are helping the environment through supporting sustainable farming. We recommend our organic range whenever we get the chance, Country Heritage Feeds is a certified organic farmer and the ingredients in their products are completely organic. Check out the range below.

Organic Chicken Starter Grower Crumble

The grower crumble is the perfect way to kick off your chicken’s life on organic feed. It offers a broad spectrum ration suitable for all forms of poultry through the growing stages. The crumble is a much more manageable for young birds to consume.

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Organic Coarse Layer

The coarse layer is your good old fashioned grain/scratch mix and combines ingredients like wheat, sorghum, barley, corn etc. The coarse layer is mixed without milling and has the appearance of wholesome muesli, and it is as healthy for your birds as muesli is for you!

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Organic Backyard Layer Pellet

The backyard layer pellet is all the certified organic grains important for a healthy chicken blended and pressed into pellet form. It offers a consistent nutritionally balanced diet ideal for the chooks running around in your backyard.

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Organic Backyard Vegetarian Layer Mash

The vegetarian layer mash is perfect for those vegetarians among us that would prefer not to feed their birds any animal by-products. The mash still provides a fully balanced ration designed to meet the needs of backyard laying birds just without ingredients such as meat meal or fishmeal.

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What else do I need for my Chooks?

For your backyard chooks, you will need Bedding. We have great quality straw that you can buy in bale form or in smaller plastic bags. Our delivery option saves all the mess in your car and you can direct us where to put the straw at your house, no trouble at all!  The other option is woodshavings and we can help you out with that as well.

Next on your list are Chicken Coops and similarly you can get that online too. A safe and comfortable place for chickens to roost at night is vital for protecting them from the elements or wild animals in the area. The laying box promotes egg laying in the safe enclosure as opposed to all sorts of places around the home.

Once you have your enclosure sorted let us help with the drinkers and feeders. This section is pretty self explanatory so check out the category on our website and choose the most relevant feeder and drinker for your flock of chickens.