Here at Pet, Horse & Farm, we provide you with horse supplies that will make all your horses go: “Hay, that’s fantastic!”. Joking aside, we really are the go to place for horse supplies online in Wandana Heights. If you browse through our terrific range you’ll see there’s nothing we can’t do to make sure your horse is fit and well. Whether you are a long time equestrian, or you have finally gotten that pony you have always wanted, here is how we can help:

Maybe the finest Horse Bedding in Wandana Heights 

One of the secrets to a happy life and a productive day is a good night’s sleep. And the same goes for horses! However, our idea of a good bedding might be different to what horses have in mind. We offer various horse bedding across Wandana Heights and some of the best hay bales in Wandana Heights that will help you keep your stable clean and tidy and your horse happy and well-fed. The variety of our supplies is huge and our company’s top quality horse supplies around Wandana Heights are only a click away. 

Horse Food and Hay Bales for Wandana Heights and beyond

You may know this already, but a horse's favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in between could very well be hay! And, if you check out our range of online horse supplies around Wandana Heights, you will see we offer hay bales around Wandana Heights and we might very well be the best place to order hay online. We definitely aspire to be your number one place for horse hay in Wandana Heights! For those whose horses are picky, we added oaten hay bales and oaten chaff to the list. Be careful, though. Pet, Horse & Farm might soon become your favorite place to buy horse hay around Wandana Heights!

Horse Supplements

For those of you who want to offer your horses some extra love and care, Pet, Horse & Farm has supplements for all of your horse's needs. Besides being a go to place to buy online horse supplies in Wandana Heights, we take pride in the hundreds of premium quality supplements available in our online shop. These include horse blocks, cotton wool rolls, ointments, worming pastes and more. If you want to buy horse supplies online around Wandana Heights and make sure your horse is in excellent shape, be sure to include these supplies in your breeding program!

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