Pet Horse Farm Equine Custom Mixes 

Pet Horse & Farm’s 50 years of experience in the equine industry guides us through careful and scientific production and with the help of equine specific nutritionists, we get the ration right. Our superior service ensures the feed arrives fresh on farm in the form you choose (bag or bulka bag).


  • Small production runs, made to order
  • Delivered within 3-4 days of production
  • Reduced risk of vermin, mites and other bugs


  • To suit any horse in any discipline in any stage of work
  • In consultation with equine nutritionists, we create the exact feed you need, adaptable for any size stable or farm
  • Less waste feed

Premium Grains

  • 50 years of experience sourcing the best possible grains
  • Wide access to smaller, equine specialist suppliers
  • Don’t settle for poor quality

Our after sales support means the feed arrives fresh on farm via our delivery team, and changes to rations can be implemented immediately.