A family of millers and mixers 

The fine craft of mixing grains and seeds to produce breeder quality birdseed has been developed and passed down through a family of millers and mixers. Originating in the Dutch town of Elst, the skills and techniques from the traditional family mill are the foundations of our mixing today. The blending of seeds for your bird is in our hands and we like that responsibility!

Your mix, how you (and your bird) like it   

If you have particular requirements for your bird, or like to keep a fussy bird happy we are able to quickly mix up a specific diet for you. It is your blend of seeds, exactly how you want it, delivered within days. Email your enquiry to sales@pethorsefarm.com.au, telling us the mix of seeds and a quantities that suit you, and we will respond with a price and estimated time for delivery within one working day.

Our mixes

The mixes already available are full of wholesome, all-natural seeds and are blended, packaged and stored to maintain freshness. Click here to see the range of mixes and bag size options.

What else?

Feeders and drinkers that fit onto any cage, nesting boxes, supplementary seeds such as black and grey sunflower, and fine grit are all available online and will set you up to take great care of your bird.