Barastoc Grains & Greens Layer Mix 20kg

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rains and Greens is a nutritious, balanced and complete mix feed formulated from all natural ingredients, including lucerne, for laying hens in a home flock. Suitable for all breeds of laying poultry. What will it provide my chicken? Barastoc Grains & Greens is a complete and balanced, all-natural blend of grains, seeds and lucerne that provides your chickens with all the nutrition they need to thrive. The assortment of textures and colours will also encourage your flock to scratch and forage, just as nature intended. A nutritious, complete and balanced high protein diet to support hen health and egg production from point of lay onwards. A blend of natural whole and cracked grains, seeds and cut lucerne to encourage your birds’ natural foraging behavior. Fortified with bio-available calcium and phosphorus to provide the building blocks for stronger eggshells.